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Alstromeria – Devotion; Wealth; Fortune

Also known as Peruvian Lily or Inca Lily available in a variety of colors. Clusters of 4-6 delicate trumpet like flowers with most marked with freckles or streaks of a contrasting color on the innermost petals with a good lasting quality of up to 14 days.

Amaryllis – Splendid Beauty; Pride

Amaryllis is a blub plant and can also be used in flower arrangements.  Normally available from November through March and comes in a variety of colors.

Anemone – Anticipation; Fragile

Also know as Wildflower, Poppy Anemone and Lily Of The Field. Usually available during December through May in colors of white, blue, purple and bicolor.  Papery petals open flat to highlight black or white centers with a lasting quality of up to 8 days.

Anthurium – Hospitality; Think Of Me; Lover

Anthurium’s also known as Painted Tongue and Flamingo Flower comes in a variety of color available year round.  Have a great lasting quality of 14 to 21 days, heart shaped waxy bract with a long cylindrical spadix that is usually yellow.  Advance noticed of several days would be required for delivery, call 940.723.2163

Matsumoto Aster – Watchful eve; Beginning; Birth Flower For September

Also known as China Aster or Rainbow Aster.  Comes in a variety of colors and is a daisy like flower with approximately 3 blooms per stem. Normally available year round with a lasting quality of up to 10 days.

Bird Of Paradise – Joyfulness; Magnificence; Freedom

Birds of Paradise are available year round but a special order and might require several days advance notice for delivery.  Flowers fan out from a boat-shaped sheath at the tip of the stalk and have orange pointed outer petal and a lasting quality of up to 14 days.